Monday, September 24, 2018

Week of September 24- 28, 2018

Weekly Newsletter for September 24- 28, 2018

            In Reading, we will continue with our story, “Pig in a Wig.”  As a class, we will be discussing who helps animals.  We will also be working on identifying the plot of a story with key details.  The key sight words for this story are: up, take, she and what.  Our test on this story will be early next week. 

            Our focus phonics skills for this week are short I and consonant –x.  Our spelling words are: six, lip, in, wig, it, did, mix, sit, pin, and fix.  Our challenge words are, “she” and “take.”  Our spelling test on these words will be early next week. 

            In Math, we are learning how to create, organize and represent mathematical ideas!  We are focusing on identifying numbers using a ten frame or tally marks.  We are also identifying if numbers are even or odd and placing numbers on a number line! 

            Last week, I sent home our first Scholastic Book order!  If you are still interested in ordering, you may order online using our class code: MJJ8J or you may send in your book order with a check (Scholastic INC.).  All Scholastic Book orders will be due on Friday, September 28th. 

            As the month of September comes to a close, I will be collecting your students AR papers for September.  Each student is encouraged to read 15 books each month to practice our literacy and phonics skills!  Students who read 15 books will receive a prize for that month!  If your child should complete the AR paper before the end of the month, I will provide them with another log!  I will collect September AR logs on Monday, October 1st. 

As a class, we love to read and listen to stories!  It is very important that kids hear fluent reading and apply comprehension strategies.  One way we can practice these skills is by having guest readers come into our classroom!  If any parent/ grandparent/ guardian would like to come into our classroom as a guest reader, please let me know by writing me a note, email or Class Dojo message!

Our schedule for the upcoming week:
Monday (9/24) – Day 10- Gym
Tuesday (9/25) – Day 1- Music
Wednesday (9/26)- Day 2- Computers
Thursday (9/27)- Day 3- Art
Friday (9/28)- Day 4- Library

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I can be reached by phone, note, email ( or by Class Dojo message!   

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