Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Week of September 3-7, 2018

Weekly Newsletter for September 3-7, 2018

          The 2018-2019 school year is off to a great start!  This past week, we have been focusing on building a sense of community in our classroom and working as a team!  As a class, we have been practicing daily classroom routines and learning/ reviewing our classroom and school rules!  Our class has been working very hard earing Class Dojo points and working together to cross numbers off our 100’s chart!  If you need another Class Dojo parent/guardian code, please write me a note and I would be happy to send one home with your child! 

          In Reading, we are beginning our first story, “Sam, Come Back!”  Throughout this story, we will discuss what pets need.  Our key sight words are: my, come, way, on, in. We are also continuing to build our stamina for both reading and writing!

          Our spelling words for this story are: at, can, cat, back, dad, am, bat, mad, ran, sack.  Our challenge words are: “way” and “come.”  The phonics focus skills are the short a sound and consonant pattern –ck.  Students will now begin to keep a notebook that has their spelling words for a reference in their B.E.E folder. 
Our schedule for this coming week includes:
Monday (9/3)- No School!  Happy Labor Day! 
Tuesday (9/4)- Day 6- Music
Wednesday (9/5)- Day 7- Computers
Thursday (9/6)- Day 8- Art
Friday (9/7)- Day 9 Keyboarding
** Monday(9/10)- Day 10- Gym

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I can be reached by phone, note, email (cschuster@northschuylkill.net) or by Class Dojo message!   

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