Monday, February 26, 2018

Week of February 26- March 2, 2018

Weekly Newsletter for February 26- March 2, 2018

            This week, we will begin our new story, “Honey Bees.”  Throughout this story, we will discuss how insect communities are like a community of people.  We will also begin to discuss comparing and contrasting.  The test for “Honey Bees” will be Monday, March 5th. 

            Our phonics skills for this story are the long E sound and VC/CV words.  Our spelling words include: feet, he, see, we, green, me, she, tree, week, and be.  Our challenge words this week are, “some” and “family.”  Our spelling test for these phonics skills will be Monday, March 5th. 

            In Math, we will be taking our Topic 8 test tomorrow (February 27th).  Next, we will begin Topic 9 Comparing and Ordering numbers to 100.  Key vocabulary we will be using include: more, less, greater than, and less than.   

            Earlier this school year, Mrs. Hull our school counselor, sent home a paper regarding Career Week.  I would like to invite you into our classroom to share about your career!  Presentations should be between 20-30 minutes in length.  Examples of topics to discuss include: education/ training, personal skills necessary in your field, typical day in your field, hands-on activities/ visuals.  Career Week is scheduled for March 5th- March 9th.  However, if another date works better with your schedule, we can always arrange a date and time.  If you are interested in joining our class to discuss your career, please contact me by Class Dojo message, note, or email ( 

            Our schedule for the upcoming week:
Monday (2/26)- Day 9- Keyboarding
Tuesday (2/27)- Day 10- Gym
Wednesday (2/28)- Day 1- Music
Thursday (3/1)- Day 2- Computers
Friday (3/2) Day 3- Art  *PBIS reward day!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I can be reached by phone, note, email ( or by Class Dojo message!

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