Monday, February 19, 2018

Week of February 19-23, 2018

Weekly Newsletter for February 19-23, 2018

            We will continue to discuss our story, “Life in the Forest.”  Throughout this story, we are talking about how plant and animal communities are important to each other.  We are also identifying the authors purpose of their writing.  The test for “Life in the Forest” will be Wednesday, February 21st. 

            Our phonics skills for this story are the long U sound and inflected ending    –ed.  Our spelling words include huge, June, rule, tube, use, cube, cute, flute, rude, and mule.  Our challenge words for this story are, “water” and “under.”  Our spelling test for these phonics skills will be Wednesday, February 21st.

In Math, we are continuing to discuss how numbers 10 and higher can be shown, counted, read and written.  Students have been showing this concept using base-ten blocks and discussing place value!  Listen for key vocabulary in this topic including, ones, tens, digit, and break apart a ten. Our test for Topic 8 will be early need week. 

Last week, I included February Scholastic book order flyers.  Book orders are due this Friday, February 23rd.  You may order online at Scholastic Book Club and use our class code: MJJ8J.  You may also send in the book order with a check (Scholastic INC.) and I would be happy to place your order for you!  Thank you for your continued support of Scholastic and reading!  J

Our schedule for the upcoming week:
Monday (2/19)- Day 4- Library
Tuesday (2/20)- Day 5- Gym
Wednesday (2/21)- Day 6- Music
Thursday (2/22)- Day 7- Computers
Friday (2/23)- Day 8- Art

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I can be reached by phone, note, email ( or by Class Dojo message!

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