Monday, October 30, 2017

Week of October 30- November 3, 2017

Weekly Newsletter for October 30- November 3, 2017

            In Reading, we will begin our story, “A Fox and a Kit.”  As a class, we will be discussing the main idea and supporting details of our story.  We will also be answering the question, “How do wild animals take care of their babies?”

            Our spelling words for this week are: sit, sits, win, wins, fit, fits, hit, hits, nap, and naps.  Our challenge words for this week are: “her” and “too.”  The phonics skills for our story are inflected endings –s and –ing. 

            In Math, we are beginning addition and subtraction facts to 12. 

            As October comes to a close, I will be collecting our AR papers for October tomorrow (10/31).  I will be handing out November AR papers as well.  Please continue to read with your child nightly and document the reading on the AR paper!  Students who complete 15 spaces (or more) will receive a Pizza Hut book-it coupon for a free personal pan pizza!  Also, if your child is reading a chapter book, you can break that chapter book into multiple spaces within the AR paper.  For example: Goosebumps pgs. 1-30, Goosebumps pgs. 30-60, etc.  Another great resource for AR reading are the decodable readers your child brings home throughout the week in their OWL folder.  These readers reinforce the phonics skills we are focusing on and are a great book to practice their fluency!

Our schedule for the upcoming week:
Monday (10/30)- Day 3- Art- Pajama Day
Tuesday (10/31)- Day 4- Library- Wear Red Day- Happy Halloween! J
*PBIS reward day!  If your child selected the movie as the reward, they may bring a towel or blanket to sit on!
Wednesday (11/1)- Day 5- Gym
Thursday (11/2)- Day 6- Music
Friday (11/3)- Day 7- Computers

*A friendly reminder: After November 3rd  (Daylight Savings), shorts are no longer allowed to be worn!  As the weather continues to cool off, please be sure to dress accordingly.  We will be going outside for recess as much as possible!  J

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I can be reached by phone, note, email ( or by Class Dojo message!

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